What we do in automotive.

As part of our conscious effort to save environment and keep the sky blue we are focusing on emission reduction in auto industry.

  • Successfully opened the bi-fuel CNG/Petrol automotive market and helped VITKOVICE Cylinders and OMB SALERI spa to lunch, obtain technical approval and sell their seamless high pressure CNG tanks and CNG Solenoid Safety Valves.
  • Successfully helped ROTAREX Automotive to market their solenoid safely valves for CNG automotive application.
  • Successfully assisted H. DAUGBJERG A/S to introduce, design and produce prototype of its complete DPF (Diesel Particle Filtration) system to diesel truck and bus manufacturers, obtain technical approvals and set its sales strategy.
  • Currently assisting DINEX ECOCAT OY to enter into Middle East market to introduce and market its complete emission technologies including catalytic convertor and DPF to CNG, Petrol and Diesel powered engines.